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 Getting in Motor Accidents is never a good situation. However, following the right steps will ensure that it doesn’t get much worse. Kindly respect the following steps:

1-Don’t move your car
2-Call an Expert from the following list “Expert list” .
3-Seek help for apparent bodily injuries or fire damage (Red Cross 140 –civil defense 125 – Police 112)
4- Don’t recognize any liability: You should wait for your expert before proclaiming any responsibility.
5-Contact the following number for towing services whenever needed :70/263263
6-Contact the Company during its working hours in order to report your claim, otherwise drive the car to our authorized Garages listed below.
7-Complete the Motor notice of Accident and submit it to the Company within a maximum period of 3 working days from the date of the accident.

Please click here to access the Garage's list


For any additional information or assistance please feel free to contact our Call Center on 01-263263.