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Enjoy your trip whether it is for pleasure or business and don’t worry about any unpredicted incidents since the steps below should guide you to have quick assistance and accurate handling of claims.

1. For Medical Emergency and or any assistance during your trip call immediately the 24h/24 Alarm Center on the following numbers:
+ (962) 6 5008119 (ADIR Direct clients)
+ 44 20 7902 7405 (Byblos Cardholders)

2. Provide your name, location, insurance certificate number and the nature of your claim.

3. Keep original invoices/receipts of all expenses incurred.


4. Keep original medical report in case of accident or illness abroad.

5. Keep any valuable document that may support your claim such as police report, Non delivery document or Property Irregularity report from the carrier, travel ticket or any additional document.

When you are back to your home country, you should report your claim within a maximum period of 3 days from the day of your return by contacting:

• ADIR Insurance on 01 256 290 ext 108 - 143
• The Travel agency where you bought your ticket.

NB: You need to Deliver to ADIR Insurance original copies of all required documents.


Complete the travel claim declaration available at ADIR Insurance or at your travel agency.Download this file (Travel Claim Declaration.pdf)Travel Claim Declaration.pdf