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Established in 1983 as part of Byblos Bank Group, ADIR Insurance has since garnered over 3 decades of experience in delivering top-of-the-line covers with exceptional quality of service to the widest range of clients.

As a forward-thinking Company, ADIR has managed to lead through innovation and excellent customer service while maintaining its financial stability with a constant growth factor that has placed it among the top spots in the Lebanese Insurance Market.


Our Vision is to be recognized as one of the most reliable and trustful insurance companies in the region by providing quality service and ensuring customer satisfaction.


ADIR is an institution that provides diversified innovative range of insurance plans with a high quality of services to its customers, high performance and profitability to its shareholders, professionalism and career development opportunities to its employees, while always seeking the welfare of the community and the environment.


    A -Launching of Bancassurance Project

In 2001, Natixis Assurances - France, one of the largest Bancassurance groups in Europe acquired 34% of ADIR Insurance shares.The main objective of this partnership was to merge the expertise of Natixis in order to develop and improve the Bancassurance Concept in the MENA region.

 During 2003, ADIR Insurance and Byblos Bank built a complete Bancassurance portfolio of services for both protection and investment needs including Car Insurance, Life Insurance, Saving & Investment Plans for Retirement and Education, at affordable prices coupled with payment facilities.

     B - Quality Management System

With quality at the center of its products and services, ADIR Insurance obtained the ISO 9001 in April 2006. The certification came as an evolution of the company’s continuous dedication toward meeting customers’ expectations and increasing satisfaction. As ADIR approaches a decade of offering ISO certified services, it continues to modernize its approach and apply the same spirit of dedication in all aspects of the growing business.

     C- Regional Expansion

In spite of the ongoing events in Syria since 2011, ADIR remains hopeful and focused on offering the best services in the market, with an eye on the post-crisis phase where the Company would play a major role in restoring trust and peace of mind to various elements of the Syrian society, from individuals to businesses and corporations.